We are thrilled to announce the official launch of oPortal USDT Bridge. This is our first step towards a full function multi-chain asset bridge and we are inviting all our followers to supporters to test out the gateway to blockchain multiverse.

What Is oPortal?
oPortal is a multi-chain asset bridge solution…

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our ambassador program 2.0.

We are inviting all BoringDAO’s followers and supporters to join our journey to make digital assets interoperable.

We are looking for DeFi enthusiasts from the community who agrees with our vision, mission and are willing to support the…

Hi, Boring Fans!

We are thrilled to announce that BoringDAO has established a partnership with QuickSwap. QuickSwap will introduce BoringDAO’s very first Polygon yield farming pool of ‘BORING-ETH’.

This tutorial will help you to familiarise yourself with the farming process on QuickSwap. Please make sure you have $BORING and $ETH in your Polygon…

Hi, Boring Fans.

We are thrilled to announce that BoringDAO has established a partnership with Wault Finance. As a result, the BORING-BNB Pool is available on WaultSwap now. The rewards for the first three months are 18,000 USD worth of WEX per day.

This tutorial will help you to familiarise…

Hello! BoringDAO community

We are thrilled to announce the launch of BOR-BNB farm on Alpaca Finance.

This guidance is a tutorial session aiming to help you learn how to farm on Alpaca.

If you wish to watch the Tutorial video (made by Fugu) on YouTube, here is the Link:


In November 2020, BoringDAO officially launched along with our “tunnel” mechanism allowing for Bitcoin to safely run on the world’s soundest smart contract network, Ethereum. Users who put their Bitcoin in this tunnel, first have it wrapped with BoringDAO’s triple security layer (Multi-sig + Over 100% Reserve + Insurance), then…

Have you ever dreamed about owning a portal gun like in Rick and Morty that can take you to anywhere you ever dreamed of? Imagine the places, the adventures and of course, the bountiful treasures to be had.

Now, Pepe has invented a crypto portal gun to teleport your favorite…

We are so excited to announce that BoringDAO has reached a partnership with Polygon.

The Increasingly Prosperous Multi-Chain DeFi

Needless to say, ETH’s congestion and high Gas fees are problems being given the highest priority and the most energy by the entire blockchain ecosystem today. The Ethereum ecosystem is now…

We are excited to announce the launch of BoringDAO oDoge Tunnel.

This tutorial is a demonstration of how to mint oDogecoin, pledge PP tokens and redeem.


Please download Bitpie or Huobi wallet first on your phone and import your wallet and select DOGE wallet system.

BoringDAO x Auto

Our friends over at Autofarm have created a Vault for BOR/BNB LP allowing you to generate a yield as high as 1,500% as of April 27, 12:00 UTC. …


Decentralized assets bridge access all blockchains.

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