Hey BoringDAO community! Our token, $BOR, has just been integrated into Ruler Protocol, an innovative borrowing/lending platform that includes a very cool feature: you can deposit your $BOR as collateral to borrow stablecoins with a fixed interest rate and without risk of liquidation!

BoringDAO x Ruler

Here is a step-by-step tutorial:

How to Borrow Stablecoins:

1. Enter the Ruler Protocol app and connect your Web3 wallet (ex. Metamask) https://app.rulerprotocol.com/app/markets

2. Locate BOR on the left side of the screen among the options for collateral. If you don’t see it, you can type it into the search bar.

3.Once you find it, click on…

The decentralized asset bridge BoringDAO has launched the cross-chain function on the OKExChain testnet, allowing BOR to transfer between the ETH Kovan and OKExChain testnet.

If you have problems during the test task, feel free to join TG: http://t.me/boringDAO and enter the community for answers. Adding official Twitter(@TheBoringDAO) and forwarding designated posters to get test coins

When you apply for Kovan ETH from Kovan ETH Faucet. There will be a certain time delay for receiving testnet ETH by joining TG & Twitter, and you can also get it done in the following way.

Before starting the test, you need to…

Hi, boring communities,

We are very excited to announce that BoringDAO has reached a partnership with Pancake. Anyone who stakes BOR-BNB LP in Pancake can farm $CAKE (25,200 per week, double in first 48 hours), and can stake $CAKE can also get $BOR.

Here is a simple tutorial:

  1. Please make sure you have BOR (BEP-20) and BNB in your BSC wallet. You can migrate BOR from Ethereum, or buy BOR on Pancake, farm from BoringDAO. Check the tutorial for details: https://theboringdao.medium.com/tutorials-how-to-farm-on-bsc-with-bor-on-the-ethereum-mainnet-924c2003e984
  2. Use Pancake: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/add/0x92D7756c60dcfD4c689290E8A9F4d263b3b32241/ETH
  3. Connect your wallet and and Enter the quantity of BOR+BNB
  4. Click “Farms” on the right side…

Hey, boring communities,


A bridge between ETH and BSC has just been completed! Now we can directly mint oBTC and oLTC on BSC, and BOR can migrate freely between ETH & BSC。

Here is a simple tutorials on BOR (ERC-20) ⇄ BOR (BEP-20):

  1. Enter BoringDAO website: https://app.boringdao.com/, connect your wallet on ETH network, and click “ETH to BSC”;
  2. Type the amount of BOR you want migrate and your BSC address (most users choose the same address of BSC and ETH by default);
  3. Click the “Farm” tab: https://bsc.boringdao.com/farm, switch metamask (or other wallet) to BSC network, and wait a few minutes;
  4. Pledge BOR into the oBTC or oLTC tunnel, and then deposit the PP Token you get into the new farm on #BSC.

We are excited to announce that BoringDAO V2 is now launched, and this marks the first milestone of Boring community in 2021.

Main updates include:

-Launch of Litecoin Tunnel

[Basic Parameters]

Asset Ratio of the Litecoin Tunnel is 150%, same as the parameters of the Bitcoin Tunnel. In consideration of the high gas fee on the Ethereum network, the minimum minting amount has been adjusted to 50 LTC, with the minimum burning amount being set at 10 LTC. For this particular oLTC tunnel, BoringDAO has allocated 2% of all BOR as mint-mining reward.

[Mining Rewards]

As for mint-mining reward for…

BoringDAO is excited to announce that we have integrated Chainlink Price Feeds live on mainnet to support our decentralized asset bridge platform. Starting with the BTC-USD Price Feed, these Chainlink-powered decentralized oracle networks provide secure, accurate, and reliable price data on assets bridged on BordingDAO, which enables the proper calculation of fair market minting rewards and protocol fees. Additionally, Chainlink Keepers will also serve as the future foundation for an automated clearing system to prevent under-collateralization of the BoringDAO asset bridges (“Tunnels”) during an unlikely black swan event scenario.

“After in-depth research, we have found that Chainlink is one of…

Before starting a new “boring year”, let’s think about one question: What kind of application can be called “infrastructure”?

Please take at least 30 seconds on it.

Different people may have different answers, but our answer may be:

Even if there is no “human” maintenance, it can last forever.

For example, the thousand-year-old castles in Europe, the Great Wall in China, the pyramids where the ancient Egyptian elders lived… Blockchain is also such a thing, as Vitalik said, there may be no Killer APP, only Killer Network.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin and Ethereum networks have become such things…

We are glad to announce that oBTC has joined 88mph as a new asset. This is a new alternative to “oBTC — Interest-Bearing BTC” after Boring Farm, Curve, Harvest, and ForTube. It is always the goal of this decentralized pegged-coin to offer oBTC more interest-bearing scenarios.

What is 88mph and how to obtain fixed-rate interest on it

88mph is a protocol that provides fixed-rate yield-generation opportunities. It has currently supported DeFi protocols including Aave, Compound and Yearn. You can buy floating rate bonds for arbitrage opportunities. MPH is the governance token of 88mph, which can be obtained through liquidity mining. …

Since Boringdao was created, we have always stick to two paths. The first is to integrate oBTC into the DeFi ecosystem, polish the product, and finally build a completely decentralized asset channel. The second is to make a best-in-class product with optimal user experience.

In the exchange process, OBTC enjoys a relatively high speed of minting and the additional BOR bonus, making it much better than other Wrapped BTC. But the waiting is quite unbearable, and the minting process is still complicated.

A faster, simpler and more direct exchange channel is always what BoringDAO wants for users. As oBTC gradually…

Archimedes said, give me a lever I will move the whole world.

Alpha Homora’s magician will say, give me a lever, I can help BOR holders eat the whole plate of sushi

BOR/ETH, oBTC/ETH, the two most important assets of BoringDAO ecosystem, were officially added to Sushiswap’s Onsen List last week through a community proposal. Anyone can provide liquidity for BOR/ETH and oBTC/ETH pairs, and farm sushi at the same time!


Decentralized assets bridge access all blockchains.

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