Biweekly Report(Nov.30-Dec.13)

BoringDAO, a ‘Boring’ Decentralized Asset Bridge. What progress has been made in the last two weeks?

[1]oBTC MetaPool signal proposals on Curve has been officially passed

On December 8th, Curve founder Charlie initiated a proposal to add oBTC Metapool mining pool. Curve is one of the most famous DEXs on Ethereum, providing pegged-BTC exchange with low slippage, and providing liquidity providers with low-risk yield opportunities.

a total of 5.12M veCRVs (veCRV is a CRV held by voting, representing CRVs locked in voting) support the proposal to add oBTC Metapool, with an approval rate of 99.8%. The signal proposal have been passed on behalf of Curve users, they will be able to exchange four different kinds of pegged-BTC tokens, including oBTC with low slippage. Also, oBTC holders can farm CRV by add liquidity on the Curve!

Proposal voting link:

[2]DeFi insurance platform COVER Protocol listed BoringDAO & oBTC, and open up shield mining

Cover Protocol (the predecessor of YieldFarming.Insure) is a decentralized insurance platform on Ethereum. BoringDAO is the first decentralized asset bridge project that supports insurance for the underlying BTC assets. We hope to provide users with more secure pegged-BTC assets, and build the world of Bitcoin Finance (BitcoinFi).

Cover Protocol has launched BoringDAO’s oBTC insurance and shield mining. Users can purchase the insurance options of Claim and no-Claim on its App to further strengthen oBTC’s security.

More details on the Cover application page:

[3]BoringDAO has passed a security audit by PeckShield

As a decentralized cross-chain asset bridge, it can be seen from BoringDAO’s “three-layer protection model” that security is undoubtedly the primary consideration. Therefore, we value safety of the contract the most. The BoringDAO’s contract code has been audited by the blockchain security company PeckShield, with no severe security risks found.

[4]‘BoringDAO reaches a new ATH’ CryptoDiffer reported

The well-known Blockchain KOL CryptoDiffer lists BoringDAO as a Coins “Reached a New ATH ”, alongside notable projects such as Cover, Keep3r, Alpha, and API3.

[5]Zapper community voted to support BOR trading and adding liquidity

Zapper is a DeFi asset management platform formed by the merger of DeFiSnap and DeFiZap to help users make a one-stop investment, monitor and manage all their DeFi assets and liabilities.

Since our core member Enki initiated a vote on the Zapper platform, it has been responded by many community members. has successfully listed $BOR. This is all thanks to the community. Meanwhile, the official also expresses gratitude to the community members who voted for airdropping BOR tokens!

[6]BoringDAO Core Member Enki participated in the BitcoinFi Foresight Forum AMA

On December 10th, Enki, a core member of BoringDAO, participated in an AMA event organized by the “ SnapFingers”. Together with the tBTC and acBTC Bitcoin-anchored token projects, they discussed the various possibilities of DeFi combined with the Pegged-BTC tokens. The issue of Pegged-BTC, the security of the Pegged-BTC, the wave of BitcoinFi and the respective token economy have been thoroughly discussed, which also opened a crucial first-step for future collaboration opportunities.

Click the link to view the review article:

[7]BoringDAO conducted the first Chinese essay solicitation in LiChang community

LiChang ( is a well-known blockchain community in China. BoringDAO held its first essay solicitation event in LiChang Chinese Community from December 4th to 18th. The total reward is up to $1,500. community members can download from the LiChang APP homepage Banner to view more information.


Since the first Bitcoin was mined back in January 3rd, 2009, Bitcoin is about to celebrate its 12th birthday. The market cap of Bitcoin accounts for about 2/3 of the market value of all cryptocurrencies. However, Bitcoin has been absent in the DeFi mainly because the infrastructure between BTC-ETH is not complete. At BoringDAO, as a decentralized asset bridge, we hope that more bitcoins can be crossed to the Ethereum chain through our tunnel mechanism in a safe, convenient, low-cost and decentralized way to participate in DeFi..

Currently, BoringDAO is still in an exciting early stage of development. As a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), the suggestions from every community member are equally important. We are looking forward to developing and growing in the next step with the community governance mechanism. Step into the future in a way that is more in line with the spirit of the Blockchain. Thank you for reading BoringDAO’s Community biweely report.

Welcome to join this “Boring” community!

Explore it and let us safely and boringly bring 1 million BTC into the Ethereum world!

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