$BORING Multea Farm goes live on OolongSwap

Do you feel like some Oolong?

We have recently joined the Multea Farm program held by OolongSwap! Hence now you can use your $BORING to farm $OLO+$BORING.

Multea Farm Details:

Farm: $BORING- $ETH Multea Farm

Time: December 6th, 2021 1pm UTC

Rewards: Both $BORING and $OLO

Duration: 1 month

$BORING rewards: 2,000,000 $BORING for 1 month

$OLO rewards: start with 0.1x and subject to change based on TVL

Stake and Earn

Here is a simple tutorial for those who would like to give it a go!

  1. Enter the BoringDAO oPortal Native Bridge website, connect your wallet, and select your destination chain to “Boba”;
  2. Type the amount of $BORING you want migrate and then either manually fill up your Boba address or just by default;
  3. To get equivalent amount of ETH, you can either swap some ETH using the USDT that you transferred through oPortal or you can buy some ETH and then use the Boba bridge;
  4. Add Liquidity: Enter the amount of $ETH and $BORING you want to stake here (make sure that you add Boba network to the Metamask);
  5. Deposit: Stake your $BORING-$ETH Liquidity Provider tokens (OLP) to $BORING-$ETH Multea Farm to earn both $BORING and $OLO.

Then you are all done! Just sit back and relax then wait for the Oolong to come!

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