BoringDAO Bridge Aggregator Official Launch — All you need to know

4 min readSep 28, 2022

The wait is finally over! We are happy to announce that the BoringDAO Bridge Aggregator is LIVE NOW.

The BoringDAO Bridge Aggregator provides a one-stop cross-chain bridging solution for you to safely transfer your assets at the best fee rate. We have supported more than 10 on-chain and off-chain bridges & DEXs & CEXs including BoringDAO oPortal V3, Multichain, cBridge, official bridges (Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, OP, Metis, Aurora, KCC…), Binance, FTX, etc.

Why do we need a bridge aggregator?

The crypto world is evolving into the multi-chain future at a fast pace. We have witnessed the emergence of a large number of different bridging solutions with their own concentrations. Some may have connected more chains than the other, and some may have lower fee rates for specific chains. It’s great that we have all these options available, however, too many choices sometimes can be confusing and time-consuming. Users have to do a lot of research to compare the fees, liquidity, security, and speed in order to make the best choice for each cross-chain transaction. This is why we have decided to upgrade our product from a single bridge, oPortal V3, to a bridge aggregator, which utilizes our own bridge and some of the most commonly used and reliable bridges. It will be the ONLY platform you need for bridging!

Let’s say if you want to transfer 1,000,000 $USDT from Polygon to Avalanche, you can choose third-party bridges/aggregators but the fees might take up to 500 $USDT. Alternatively, with BoringDAO Bridge Aggregator, we will transfer your funds to ETH through a CEX first and then use the Avalanche official bridge, the two-step pathway will cut the transaction fees down to only 10 $USDT which saves around 98% cost based on the current gas fees.

Too many steps involved! No worries, with BoringDAO Bridge Aggregator, it takes you just one click. We will do all the math for you, finding the best combination of pathways with the lowest fee rate.

Why BoringDAO Bridge Aggregator?

Best Fee

No more research is required for you to go through all the bridges to find the optimal option! Unlike other aggregators which only use a SINGLE bridge per transaction, the BoringDAO Bridge Aggregator will find the optimal routes for each of your cross-chain request in a strategic way by utilizing multiple on-chain and off-chain bridges & DEXs & CEXs if needed. We hope this can guarantee you the best transaction fee rate you can find among all the available bridges on the market.

Let’s take Avalanche to Ethereum as an example.

We’ve done the research for you. If you choose some of the most commonly used bridges, this will cost you about $30–40. However, with BoringDAO Bridge Aggregator, we can do it for less than $6! Sounds amazing, right!? And there are no fee tiers, the fee rate is always the same even if you transfer more than 1,000,000 $USDT/$USDC.


Security has always been the top priority. The BoringDAO protocol has been safely operated for more than 2 years without any accidents. All the codes have been carefully audited internally and externally with 5 rounds of audits conducted by Peckshield and Certik. We have incorporated with Ankr and HashQuark as validator partners for our oPortal bridge, providing even higher degree of security. Meanwhile, we have developed mechanisms to constantly monitor the whole blockchain network for any potential exploits. In this way we can take precautions to stop any potential loss related to it.

Usually for bridge LPs, they are exposed to certain risks. As a bridge aggregator, there will be no requirement for LPs, hence for users, there are almost no risks related to using it.

Unlimited Liquidity

For those who are familiar with our oPortal bridge, you might have run into situations where the transaction fees go up because there is no enough liquidity on the destination chain. This kind of issue has existed on a lot of bridges and project teams are seeking different solutions to tackle the fragmented liquidity.

With BoringDAO Bridge Aggregators, you no longer need to worry about the liquidity issue anymore. We are actually the very first aggregator that is able to utilize both on-chain and off-chain liquidity from most commonly used third-party bridges (BoringDAO oPortal V3, Multichain, cBridge…), official bridges (Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, OP, Metis, Aurora, KCC…) & DEXs & CEXs (Binance, FTX…). With all these pathways, we can always make sure that your transaction, no matter how large the amount is, will be successfully processed with the best rate you can find on the market.

Pretty impressive hah! Why not give it a try now 👉

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