BoringDAO Bridge Aggregator Overview

2 min readSep 16, 2022

Tired of looking for “the best” bridges every time to make your cross-chain transactions?

This time we get you covered as we are about to deliver the BoringDAO Bridge Aggregator, which provides a one-stop cross-chain bridging solution for you to safely transfer your assets at the best rate.


BoringDAO Bridge Aggregator has supported more than 10 on-chain and off-chain bridges & DEXs & CEXs including BoringDAO oPortal V3, Multichain, cBridge, official bridges (Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum…), Binance, FTX, etc.

Ok, by the time you read here, you may think meh it’s just one of those aggregators, nothing special.

However we can’t emphasize more that BoringDAO Bridge Aggregator is actually the very first aggregator that is able to utilize the off-chain liquidity! In this way, the transaction cost to some certain chains e.g. Ethereum & L2s can be reduced significantly.

Moreover, unlike other aggregators that only choose ONE single bridge to satisfy your need, the BoringDAO router will find the optimal routes in a strategic way by utilizing MORE THAN one bridge to process a cross-chain transfer request if needed. This can guarantee you the best transaction rate you can find among all the available bridges on the market.

Sounds interesting, right!? So why not give it a try 👇

Testnet Launch & Bounty Program

Take your chance to try out the Testnet before the official launch and get your rewards!

  1. Join our Discord, find the BoringDAO Bridge Aggregator Testnet channel and say “GO BORING!”;
  2. We will randomly pick 40 lucky frens who said the magic words;
  3. Results will be announced in the Discord channel on Sep.19th;
  4. Once you are picked, all you need to do is to make any transactions with the BoringDAO Bridge Aggregator (link will be shared in our Discord later) and fill up the form with your TXID & feedbacks;
  5. Finally you can share a 28,000 $BORING prize pool for this try out!

Stay tuned! More details will be released on twitter soon. 🚀

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