BoringDAO🌀 — MeMe & Sticker Campaign

Best memes and stickers take your $BOR home.

Ready to put on your thinking hat and showcase your creativity?

The TOP 3 MEMEs champions will take home $100 worth of $BOR in prizes; TOP 3 Stickers champions take home $100 value of $BOR too!

How To Enter:

Meme Competition

1. Create a BoringDAO🌀 themed meme!

2. Retweet the contest here: Twitter

3. Tweet your own BoringDAO🌀 themed meme

4. Submit your entries over here:

5. Our team selects 3 winners from the list to win $BOR!

Stickers Competition

1. Post your entry stickers in the following Telegram group:

2. Tag admins @captain_tusk, @emmalicious2 and @tony_VR

3. Our team selects 3 winners to win $100 worth of $BOR!


3 winners will be chosen for the MEME competition, and 3 winners for the stickers competition

First Place: $50 $BOR tokens

Second Place: $30 $BOR tokens

Third Place: $20 $BOR tokens

*Winners will be announced on our official social media pages and BoringDAO🌀 will contact winners via Twitter DM/Telegram

Rules :

1. Participants MUST be in the BoringDAO🌀 community.

2. Participants MUST be following our Twitter and be in our Telegram community.

3. Maximum of 3 entries per person.

4. Submit your MEME entries over to HERE be sure to tag us on Twitter, and post your Stickers in our TELEGRAM, please tag admins @captain_tusk, @emmalicious2 and @tony_VR!

5. Contest begins October 13th, 2020 at 1200AM London Time (UTC+1) and ends October 25th, 2020 at 1200AM London Time UTC+1

6. Prizes may be substituted by BoringDAO🌀 with an equivalent value based on availability.

7. BoringDAO🌀 reserves the right to remove an entry if it’s found to violate rules, are in poor taste, or are irrelevant to contest or plagiarized.

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