BoringDAO oPortal V2.1 is LIVE

2 min readJan 29, 2022


​​Have you been enjoying our oPortal V2.0 so far? Since the release of the V2.0 version, we have been in deep conversations with our community users to continuously improve their cross-chain experience. The updated content of this V2.1 version includes a new UI design for adding/removing liquidity. Here are the details:

1. Add Liquidity Page

To make it simple for you, we will do all the math! In the new version, the “Add Liquidity” page will display a bonus calculator which lists out the estimated bonus reward for every chain upon current liquidity condition. So after you choose the specific asset you want to add, liquidity and estimated bonus will be shown for each chain individually on the bottom of the page. How easy is that? Simply choose the chain with the most bonus and you are good to go!

2. Remove Liquidity Page

Don’t like to read before clicking? No worries, we will notify you the relatively high cost when you try to withdraw to a chain with low liquidity. When removing liquidity, a transaction fee will be charged based on the liquidity condition of the destination chain:

  • high liquidity — 0.05%
  • medium liquidity — 0.3%
  • low liquidity — 1%

Big shout to everyone in the community who has helped us make the oPortal better! Always speak out and we value all your inputs! LFG

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