BoringDAO🌀 Reaches Strategic Partnership with DODO

Decentralized assets bridge access all blockchains.

BoringDAO🌀 has recently reached a strategic partnership with decentralized exchange DODO. In the future, both teams will work jointly on providing better liquidity and a more innovative trading strategy to crypto assets traders.

“Through its innovative “Double-Pledge” design and intriguing incentive mechanism, BoringDAO🌀 provides a safe and easy-to-use cross-chain bridge that helps users seamlessly move their crypto assets to another chain. In the future, BoringDAO🌀 aims to integrate high-performance Blockchains into Bitcoin’s ecosystem to function as Bitcoin’s ‘layer-2’”, says Mike Meng, one of the core developers at BoringDAO🌀, “DODO has caught our attention for its smooth user experience and innovative “Proactive Market Maker” design; we are very excited to work with DODO and looking forward to bringing improvements into the existing DeFi structure.”

Regarding this partnership, Co-founder of DODO Diane Dai says, “BoringDAO’s cross-chain solution helps open a new world for all crypto assets holders to participate in the existing DeFi ecosystem led by Ethereum. At its core, what differentiates one DEX from another are the underlying assets it provides and the trading volume it generates. Through our collaboration with BoringDAO🌀, we hope to provide a wider range of tradable crypto assets to DODO users.”

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