BoringDAO 🌀— The Incentive Mechanism

🧾Here’s a summary of the incentive mechanism:

In BoringDAO🌀, there are two ways of mining $BOR:

⛏Mint Mining

Users who participate in mint (mining) will receive 💲BOR rewards. 30% of 💲BOR of the whole system is generated through mining. With the current BoringDAO configuration, user will be charged 0.2% of the commission fee. No worry! You will be rewarded 0.4% of $BOR, TWICE the value of commission charge! YOU DESERVE THIS🤑!

🦅 The early bird catches the worm! Minting harder to mine 💲BOR!

👨‍🌾Boring Farm

Of course, some people might ask😕: “What are the applications for 💲BOR?” Boring Farm is the answer to this!

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