Bridge to KCC through BoringDAO oPortal NOW!

3 min readApr 12, 2022


For those of you who just joined the BORING club, let’s walk you through what BoringDAO is.

Simply speaking, BoringDAO is a DAO-driven cross-chain service provider for every crypto asset.

We, the Defi users, are tired of experiencing the anxiety and frustration while bridging our assets to different blockchains.

So we are building something better.

Something that simplifies your life and gives back to you — as our users and liquidity providers. We keep taking our community’s suggestions, feedbacks and even crazy ideas into consideration and tirelessly build something awesome.

Bridge your asset through BoringDAO oPoral

The oPortal bridge enables assets to be freely transferred between 15 L1s & L2s (including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony, Gnosis, OEC, HECO, OP, Arbitrum, Boba, Metis, Aurora and KCC), in a cost efficient and timely manner. Any tokens can be listed on BoringDAO oPortal, whether stablecoins ($USDT & $USDC at the moment), governance tokens (such as our $BORING tokens) or other tokens ($ETH, $IZI, etc.) that you can explore on our website.

How much do we charge?

I. oPortal Two-way Bridge

The cross-chain fee includes:

  1. network fee: 2 $USDT / 2$USDC / 0.0006 $ETH
  2. transaction fee: floating rate depending on the liquidity of the destination chain. In most cases, for a destination chain with sufficient liquidity (> 500K USD), you will be charged with a 0.05% fee! (Doesn’t it feel like it costs nothing?) Sometimes, if the destination chain has a liquidity of > 100K USD but < 500K USD, a 0.3% fee will be charged. However, if the destination chain has a severely low liquidity (< 100K USD), usually not the case, then you will be charged with a 1% fee.

To celebrate the launch of KCC bridge, we are offering a 50% fee discount for all cross-chain transactions to KCC via oPortal two-way bridge in the first month! 🥳 Also don’t forget that bridge to Metis is for free now! Hurry up!!!

All transaction fees we collect will either be given to the LPs or used to burn $BORING tokens.

II. oPortal Native Bridge

For each transfer, oPortal Native Bridge charges a 0.5% cross-chain transaction fee and 100% of the fees collected will be distributed to liquidity providers (LP).

That’s enough information for you right now. Start exploring and LFG! 🚀

We are so thrilled to be starting this journey with you.

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