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Over the past year, BoringDAO has been deploying a series of decentralized bridges — tunnels (and now portals) — that allow users to safely transfer their Bitcoin & other crypto assets between Ethereum & many L1s & L2s. With the rise of the metaverse, each blockchain has the potential to become a separate metaverse and BoringDAO is laying down the infrastructure to bridge between them. In many ways, this parallels the myth of the 9 realms of Norse cosmology. We have conducted a survey on Twitter about how our community sees the crypto space, and most of them picked Nine Realms from Thor.

Previously, BoringDAO’s narrative was written by the project developers. Now is the time to engage every member from our community to compose the story together, rather than letting one person or a certain group of people to write it. Right now, we just have a beginning, and we need you to finish the mythology with us and create a story that belongs to everyone from the community.

The second weekly contest will take place from 3:00 AM UTC, December 3rd to December 10th. Winners will be announced on November 17th.


  • 1st Prize: 10,000 $BORING
  • 2nd & 3rd Prize: 2,500 $BORING


  1. Follow @TheBoringDAO on Twitter.
  2. RT the contest and tag 3 Friends in the comments section.
  3. Join the BoringDAO Official Community Telegram and share your tweet
  4. Join the Discord, post your story on #the-boring-mythology channel, and promote your submission to all your friends to increase your chance of winning!
  5. Any participant who attempts to increase the interaction for their entries by using bots or other types of fraud will be removed from the contest.

Selection of winners

Judging Criteria:

  1. Writing quality (40%)
  2. Discord reactions (30%)
  3. Creativity of submission (20%)
  4. Originality of submission (10%)

The BoringDAO team will choose the weekly winners based on the judging criteria above. The final decision belongs to BoringDAO.

What We’re Looking For

For this mythology contest, we are looking for a story up to 300 words that fits within the crypto narrative and with a plot that builds on the opening that we have provided. So get creative, and get your stories scribed into the Boring mythology!

The beginning of the boring mythology for your reference:

Pepe’s Guide to the Unlimited Realm

Chapter 1

“100%, 50%, 33%, 25%… Alert, Bitfrost is losing energy! Repeat, Bitfrost is losing energy! The realms will soon be disconnected.”

Professor Pepe was giving a lecture on the meta-universe when he got a notification on his watch warning him what just happened. He then saw two men dressed in black bolt out of the classroom door, bearing anxious looks on their faces. Pepe touched his glasses and said calmly, “Today’s class is over. I hope each of you can become a member of NEL Nodes in the future.” Prof. Pepe left the classroom then saw the men in black once again. They exchanged once again and then they disappeared.

In about three-quarters of a millisecond, Pepe learned everything: The infinite Realms used to be linked through the world tree, which was powered by Bitfrost, but a hash attack from the Third Realm paralyzed Bitfrost. The Ethereum Realms urgently needed to maintain the exchange of assets and information with other realms. Of course, information and assets have now merged and are referred to by a single word: Infoset.

Pepe’s mission: Go to the Third Realm, find the problem with the World Tree Rainbow Bridge, and fix it — a seemingly simple task. However, on the way to the Third Realm, Pepe’s lightning transport was incorrectly navigated to the 3.1 RD Realm. That’s right, it’s a fork of ETH

Chapter 2

During the light-speed warp to the quest location, Pepe’s spaceship was hit by some space junk and crashed into a strange planet. Upon coming to his senses, Pepe felt pain all over his body and saw his spaceship burning in the distance. He said to himself, “Perhaps this was due to the wrong positioning that caused the ship’s movement to go off course and due to the impact and crash landing, the spaceship caught on fire.”

Fortunately, he was only slightly injured. Pepe stood for a long time and looked around, guessing that he had landed in the desert of the 3.1 RD kingdom — that’s right, a fork of ETH. Pepe rested for a while to regain his strength, then decided to move and try seek help. At first, he was hopeful but after a day of searching he felt discouraged because there were no signs of life anywhere to be found. Despite knowing this planet to be a barren wasteland kingdom, he tried to remind himself that with patience he could find help.

So he roamed the desert for 69 days and 69 nights but still couldn’t find a single human being. On the 70th day, due to a lack of water and a feeling of defeat, he collapsed on the sand. He thought his life would end here. As his eyes were slowly closing, a beam of light appeared, illuminating a large area. Suddenly there appeared 9 strangers projected in 3D holographic form. Pepe didn’t have time to say anything before one of them approached Pepe and said: “We are very proud of the your perseverance and efforts so the 9 of us decided to come here to help you complete your mission.”

Pepe regained his strength and asked: “Then how can I get to the third kingdom, my spaceship was destroyed when I crash landed”. At this point another of them approached Pepe and gave him a book inscribed with the words: “oPortal Invincible” The mysterious stranger said: “ This book can be of great help to you. With it, you will find the way to the third kingdom and how to fix the World Tree Rainbow Bridge.” Pepe reached out his hands and took it, opened it, and magically, all of its contents were immediately absorbed by his brain. He exclaimed: “Ha! This book is incredible. I have mastered all the knowledge contained in the book. I can now build a bridge to move to the third kingdom and can also build bridges to move back and forth between the kingdoms. Now inter-kingdom travel is quick and convenient., not to mention low cost.” Another one of the 9 came over and said: “You ser are indeed intelligent and have learned everything in just a moment, but you are missing one critical element: bridges cannot be built alone.”

Pepe asked, “What does that mean?” . The stranger replied: “You need companions, people who will support in this endeavor.” Pepe asked again: “Where shall I find them?”. Pepe had just finished talking when someone standing in the distance interjected “Don’t worry, we will teleport you to another kingdom. The distance from here to there is quite short, but while it may be an unfamiliar place for you, the locals are friendly and will always support you”. Having said that, the 9 of them stood close together to cast the teleportation magic. At this point, Pepe realized that he did not know the names of these 9 strangers, so he said: “Thank you for helping me, but, who are you?” . One of the oldest among them said, “We will see you again soon young man, and then you’ll know who we are. Good luck.”

For the next week, all Pepe could think of was “who were these 9 mysterious strangers”?

About BoringDAO and oPortal bridge

BoringDAO deploys a series of decentralized bridges or tunnels — which allow you to safely move your Bitcoin & other crypto assets between Ethereum & many L1s & L2s to maximize the utilization rate of your crypto assets in the DeFi ecosystem.

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