Tutorial: Provide Liquidity on oPortal V2.0 and Farm BORING & USDT

2 min readJan 6, 2022

Have you got some USDT in hand but not sure where to invest at the moment? Why not stake your USDT and enjoy an APR that is rarely seen for stablecoins!

Farm Details:

Farm: oPortal V2.0 Farm

Rewards: Both $BORING and $USDT

Duration: Medium — Long term

$BORING rewards: calculated based on the BORING daily emission rate

$USDT rewards: calculated based on the cross-chain transaction fees generated by oPortal V2.0

Detailed instruction:

Step 1: go to the oPortal Two Way Bridge;

Step 2: connect your wallet and add liquidity to the relay chain (Polygon), and click Approve;

Step 3: Once you’ve successfully added liquidity, you can choose among Add more liquidity, Remove your liquidity, and Farm. Why not Farm for a lucrative APR 😜

Step 4: Once you clicked Farm, you will be directed to the Farm page, where you can see the current APR✊ Then click the blue Stake button.

Step 5: Type in how much you want to stake and click Stake. Then you are all set.

Let the earnings run! Happy farming and bridging!

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